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Some Decisions

date: Aug 22, 2022
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After some thoughts during me finalizing the release of wslu 4.0, I am thinking about stopping the development of wslu after at most 5 non-breaking change updates (a.k.a. version 4.5).

I have been thinking about this for a while. I love WSL, and I love wslu, but working with this project is TIRING. I spend a lot of time on this project from setting up websites, packaging repositories, maintaining 4 external repositories (CORS, OBS, Launchpad, Alpine), community management(Twitter, Reddit, etc.), writing documentation, updating posts like this, and I do not even get to the code part.

Right now, I feel I am no longer gaining anything from this project while spending a lot of time with it. I hope to switch to another project but I keep coming back because it is still not complete. It started to become a chore for me, and I start to feel unfulfilled doing this project.

Just some extra information, I have one project GNOME GRE Writing waiting for re-written to GTK4, one project wslcfg waiting to be polished, wslpy waiting to be expanded and the other 2 waiting to be started. After releasing wslu 4.0, I will start posting more information about them.

And good night.

- Jinming WU, Patrick

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