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wslu 4.0.0 is now finally released

date: Aug 27, 2022
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After 2 years of (sporadic) development, wslu 4.0.0 is now finally released with a lot of changes! Here is the changelog:


  • Allow automatic manpage update
  • Improve the contribution document


  • wslu: --debug now usable; could work with --verbose properly now
  • wslu: add Gentoo Linux, AlmaLinux, CBL Mariner, and Clear Linux support
  • wslact: include new tool “memory reclaim”
  • wslclip: brand new CLI (closes #221)
  • wslfetch: add -g, --generic: this force the cli to use the generic WSL theme
  • wslfetch: add -t, --theme: you can now provide your logo and color palette to use. also available as conf WSLFETCH_THEME_PATH
  • wslfetch: add -o, --options: you can now customize what information to list out. also available as conf WSLFETCH_INFO_SECTION
  • wslfetch: add conf WSLFETCH_COLORBAR: allows you to control color bar without passing param
  • wslgsu: brand new CLI
  • wslsys: add -i, --ip: get current WSL’s IPv4 address. (closes #139 by #156 )
  • wslsys: add -T, --win-system-type: get whether the WSL is running on Desktop or Server
  • wslsys: add -n, --name: allow using the name to get the corresponding items
  • wslsys: improvement on the speed to start up with a complete rewrite.
  • wslusc: add -s, --smart-icon: add smart icon detection. Requires wslpy. can be set with conf WSLUSC_SMART_ICON_DETECTION (closes #176)
  • wslusc: add -d, --shortcut-debug: allows you to view content of the generated shortcuts or any shortcuts
  • wslusc: add -N, --native: allows you to generate shortcut using the native Wayland support. can be set with conf WSLUSC_GUITYPE
  • wslvar: add configuration WSLVAR_DEFAULT_VARTYPE: this allows you to set default type of variable to get when not specifying option.
  • wslview: add -E, --engine: you can now set the default method to start websites/folders/files. can be set with conf WSLVIEW_DEFAULT_ENGINE (closes #167, #197)

Breaking Changes

  • wslu: brand new configurations; default configuration located in /usr/share/wslu/conf
  • wslu: individual version components are removed; they are hard to track
  • wslu: ImageMagick is now a recommended dependency (closes #236 )
  • wslact: time-sync is now time-react
  • wslfetch: -l, --line and -s, --splash are removed with low usage

Bug Fixes

  • wslu: overall improvements on the code style to prevent problematic inputs
  • wslview: redesigning the system to improve the detection (closes #181)

The release will be gradually rolled out to different distributions. Finally, if there is still any issue, don’t hesitate to report it to

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