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wslu 4.1.2 is now released

date: Mar 10, 2024

Finally, a release, after a long time. Sorry for the delay of the release, due to my work, health(hospitalized three times last year) and getting distracted by my other projects, I keep delaying this version. But not anymore! This release features bug fixes:

  • feat: [#293] allow set path with param -e to set BROWSER variable
  • fix: [#264] make DESTDIR properly configured in header
  • fix: [#268] allow skipping validation (with #301 by @JaZo)
  • fix: [#290] use proper folder for the states
  • fix: [#291] allow disable reading from registry
  • fix: [#294] add bash version requirement.
  • fix: [#295] decode file protocol url properly
  • fix: sysdrive_prefix returning wrong label when Windows installed at label other than C: (@epiciskandar)
  • fix: replace sed with simple basename (@epiciskandar)
  • chore: Add support for Rocky to installer (@cjonesy)
  • fix(wslact): fix memory-reclaim incoherence (@kbpk)
  • fix(wslact): increase memory reclamation amount (@kbpk)
  • fix(wslview): fix opening links with brackets (@miduddin)
  • docs: fixed typos (@Smoothieewastaken)
  • ci: Deploy to Pengwin debian bookworm as well (@crramirez)
  • ci: upgrade CI pengwin deployment ruby version

The release will be gradually rolled out to different distributions. Finally, if there is still any issue, don’t hesitate to report it to

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